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Hibernation of your reptile

Hibernation of your reptile

Winter is coming!

It's over with those balmy summer days and both humans and animals are gradually preparing to get through the winter. For some animals, the time has almost come to go into hibernation. Just think of small mammals such as hedgehogs, bats, squirrels,...  But certain reptile species also hibernate.

Why do animals hibernate?

In the cold winter months it is difficult for most animals to get food. In order to bridge the food shortage, some animal species hibernate. During hibernation, the body temperature drops considerably and breathing and heart rhythm slow down to save energy. This helps them to bridge this difficult period by using as little energy as possible.

For reptiles, because of their cold-bloodedness, they depend on solar heat to stay active. In our regions, this heat is gradually insufficient. It is striking that a reptile, unlike mammals, consumes less of their fat supply. That's a big advantage of their non-constant body temperature.

Do you have a reptile as a pet? Depending on the species (such as certain snakes and turtles), there is a chance that it will soon also go into hibernation. A hibernation that is held outside usually runs from mid-October to the end of April. Indoors, hibernation can be kept shorter (early November- early March).

A golden rule: let only healthy animals go into hibernation! In animals that are not in healthy condition, it can happen that they have not built up enough fat reserves to get through a hibernation.

Not sure? Then be sure to seek advice from your veterinarian!

No hibernation? As mentioned earlier, it is also possible that your reptile does not need hibernation at all or that you prefer to skip it. Then you probably have a number of necessities on your shopping list throughout the year for the decoration of your terrarium or paludarium.

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