Superfish Color Sticks Zak - 15 Liter

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EAN: 8715897204180
Productinformatie "Superfish Color Sticks Zak - 15 Liter"
Superfish color sticks zak 15 liter is a high-quality fish food that is designed to enhance the color of your fish. It comes in a convenient 15-liter size, making it ideal for larger aquariums.

This fish food is formulated with a variety of natural ingredients to provide your fish with a nutritious and balanced diet. It contains a blend of fish meal, spirulina, and other essential nutrients that promote vibrant coloration and overall health.

Superfish color sticks zak 15 liter is suitable for all types of fish, including tropical, goldfish, and cichlids. It is easy to feed and can be used as a staple food or as a supplement to your fish's regular diet.

The color sticks are floating, which allows your fish to easily find and consume the food. They are also highly digestible, ensuring that your fish can efficiently absorb all of the nutrients.

With Superfish color sticks zak 15 liter, you can provide your fish with a visually appealing and nutritious diet that will help them thrive in your aquarium.

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