Effast Sok lijm 50mm

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Productinformatie "Effast Sok lijm 50mm"
Use this PVC sock - 50mm - adhesive connection to create your PVC piping. With the help of this PVC fitting, you can easily connect PVC pipes together.

Features of PVC sock 50mm:
- Material: PVC
- Type: adhesive connection
- Diameter: 50mm
- Working pressure: 16 ATO

PVC fittings:
You build a pressure pipe system with PVC fittings. Our PVC fittings are resistant to high pressure. There are many different types of fittings available on the market. To give you an overview, we distinguish:
- PVC elbows
- PVC tees
- PVC ball valves
- PVC couplings
- PVC plugs
- PVC socks
- PVC pipe clamps

Advantages of our PVC fittings:
- Manufactured according to DIN standard (dimensionally stable)
- Competitive pricing
- Fast delivery
- Easy-to-glue PVC
- Applicable for various purposes, including pond irrigation, etc.

How to glue PVC fittings to a PVC pipe:
The best way to glue PVC is by following our 10-step plan.

Vijvercompleet 10-step plan for gluing pressure PVC:
1. Measure the pipe length and mark it with a marker or special marker.
2. Cut the pipe square. Special thread saws are also available for this.
3. Chamfer the end of the pipe. Special tools such as a "PVC chamfer" can be used for this.
4. Clean the inside of the pipe from any burrs.
5. Mark the insertion depth (this is called the glue surface) on the pipe. Using too much glue is not good, as it can weaken the material over time.
6. Mark the correct mounting position of the fitting. Once the fitting is glued to the pipe, it cannot be readjusted.
7. Clean the inside of the fitting and the PVC pipe with PVC cleaner to ensure a clean and grease-free surface. This also improves adhesion to the PVC.
8. Apply the glue. Make sure to apply a thinner layer on the fitting and a thicker layer at the end of the PVC pipe.
9. Assemble the connection immediately in a smooth motion.
10. Remove excess glue immediately.

Didn't find the PVC fitting you were looking for? On our website, we offer a selection of the most common and widely used PVC fittings. However, if you are looking for an item that is not part of our standard range, please let us know. We can supply all common PVC fittings.

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