Colombo Algadrex 1.000 ml / 10.000 liter

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EAN: 8715897039461
Productinformatie "Colombo Algadrex 1.000 ml / 10.000 liter"
Colombo Algadrex 1.000 ml / 10.000 liter vijverwater is a product designed to combat floating algae in ponds.

In many ponds, problems are often caused by floating algae. These algae turn the water green and opaque, making it difficult to see the fish and causing plants to receive insufficient light.

By using Algadrex, the water will become clearer within a few hours. The clumped algae will either float to the surface, sink to the bottom, or end up in the filter.

Since these algae create an organic burden on the pond environment, it is recommended to remove them as much as possible using a net and by cleaning the filter.

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