Bio-UV30 Vijver UV-C Filter

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EAN: 8717605037998
Productinformatie "Bio-UV30 Vijver UV-C Filter"
The Bio-UV 30 from the Bio-UV series is a professional UV unit with CE certification. These manufactured UV units work excellent with a high flow rate. There is a guaranteed exposure to UV-C radiation of at least 2 seconds thanks to the 150 mm diameter housing. The Bio-UV30 removes 99.9% of suspended algae and other harmful bacteria such as Aeromanas, Pseudomonas, and Legionella from your pond water. This is done through a special 'High Intensity' UV-C lamp and the minimal exposure of only 2 seconds. The UV-C lamp generates a radiation value of 30,000 MicroWatts and even at the end of its lifespan, the value remains at 25,000 MicroWatts. The Bio-UV lamps are often used in swimming pools as a replacement for chlorine. They can withstand a maximum temperature of 40ºC, continuous pressure of 3 bar, and are suitable for 13,000 operating hours.

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