AquaForte vijverpomp O-6500LV 12volt

€ 160,99*

EAN: 8717605086163
Productinformatie "AquaForte vijverpomp O-6500LV 12volt"
Aquaforte O-plus low voltage 6500LV 12volt is the first affordable low voltage pumps! Ideal for swimming ponds or other applications where a low voltage pump is desired. These pumps are very energy efficient and equipped with innovative electronics. They operate quietly and do not contain any copper parts. They have a wear-resistant ceramic shaft and automatically shut off when there is no water in the rotor. In case of blockage, the pump will switch to a "lock" position, consuming no power until the blockage is resolved. This prevents the motor from burning out. These dirt water pumps are competitively priced and suitable for stream courses, waterfalls, fountains, filters, etc. They can handle debris up to 6mm in size.

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