AquaForte O-5000 plus Vijverpomp

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Productinformatie "AquaForte O-5000 plus Vijverpomp"
The Aquaforte O-5000 Plus vijverpomp is part of the Aquaforte O-series, which helps your pond "breathe" by circulating the water. This movement allows the water to absorb more oxygen, release waste materials, and resist harmful bacteria. If you want to create a waterfall, fountain, or stream, the Aquaforte O-5000 Plus is the perfect choice for powering it.

One of the key features of the Aquaforte O-5000 Plus is its innovative system that shuts off the motor when there is no water in the rotor. This prevents the motor from burning out by locking the impeller in a secure position. Once the blockage is cleared, the motor automatically starts running again. With a maximum capacity of 5000 liters per hour and a maximum head height of 3.5 meters, the Aquaforte O-5000 Plus is a powerful and efficient pump. It is also energy-saving and quiet.

If you prefer to use the vijverpomp in a dry installation, you can do so by installing the pump's outlet below the water level. This allows for a dry set-up. When choosing the Aquaforte O-5000 Plus for your pond, consider four specifications: the ability to be used in both dry and wet installations, energy consumption, head height, and capacity. Keep in mind that the pump may lose power due to resistance, such as a large number of fish in your pond or pumping water to a waterfall, fountain, or stream. A general rule of thumb is that 25% to 50% of your pond water should be pumped per hour.

Here is a breakdown of the capacity at different head heights:
- Capacity at 0 meters head height: 5000 liters per hour
- Capacity at 1 meter head height: 3500 liters per hour
- Capacity at 2 meters head height: 2000 liters per hour
- Capacity at 3 meters head height: 500 liters per hour

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