Anode voor I-Tronic / T-Flow-Tronic - Anode voor IT-15

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EAN: 8711921069091
Productinformatie "Anode voor I-Tronic / T-Flow-Tronic - Anode voor IT-15"
Velda anode IT-15 / T-Flow Tronic 15 is a product offered by the brand Velda. Velda is a market leader in the Benelux and a influential player in other European countries. The company supplies a wide range of pond products. Velda aims to make pond experiences accessible to everyone, whether it's a mini pond on the terrace or a beautifully landscaped natural pond or a sleek mirror pond in the garden.

The history of Velda dates back to 1969 when it started as an aquarium store in Enschede. Over the years, the company expanded its activities, including the production of pond products. In 1990, Velda established its main headquarters in Enschede, and in the spring of 2011, the latest new building was completed. Velda has been a well-known name in pond biology for more than 40 years.

Velda is committed to innovation and continuously seeks to improve its products. To ensure the importance of innovation within the organization, Velda has its own research department. Here, the goal is to achieve technological advancements in all products. Velda strives to provide a suitable solution for every pond or pond-related issue with its products.

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